Condom Use

Condoms are 98% effective if used properly every time you have sex. Lots of young people practice using condoms before they decide to have sex

Know how to use your Condoms!


Condom Use

If you’re not sure how to use a condom, or you want to make sure that you’re doing it right, follow these tips.

Practice can help
If you're not confident about using condoms, practice handling them when you're alone. If you have a penis, practice putting on a condom and coming (ejaculating) while wearing one to get used to the sensation. It's important that both males and females know how to use condoms properly.

  1. Using a male condom
  2. You or your partner can roll the condom on to the penis. Some couples do it together as an enjoyable part of sex.
  4. 1. When the penis is hard, and before there's any genital-to-genital contact, carefully take the condom out of the packet. Be careful with sharp jewelry, piercings or fingernails that might tear the condom.

2. If the penis has a foreskin, gently roll it back before putting on the condom.

3. Before you put the condom on the penis, check that it’s the right way round and will unroll properly. 

4. Squeeze the tip of the condom to get rid of any air, then place it over the tip of the penis.

5. Roll the condom all the way down to the base of the penis. If it won’t roll down, it’s the wrong way round. Throw this condom away and start again with a new one because there could be semen on the tip of the previous condom. 

6. If you’re using lubricant, make sure that it’s water-based. Oil-based lubricant (such as lotion, moisturiser, baby oil and lipstick) can damage latex condoms.

7. Check during sex that the condom hasn’t slipped off (you should be able to feel it with your fingers at the base of the penis). If a condom slips off and is left behind inside a partner, it needs to be removed to avoid a risk of infection. If you and your partner are unable to do this, visit iCasH, Walk-in Centre or your GP.

8. After sex, withdraw carefully while the penis is still hard. Hold the base of the condom to stop it coming off and to prevent any sperm from leaking.

9. Wrap the condom in a tissue and put in the bin. Don't put it down the toilet because this can cause blockages

Condoms don't last forever. Change the condom after around 30 minutes of sex because friction can weaken the condom, which makes it more likely to break or fail.