Free condoms and Lube

For everyone aged 13-24 living in Norfolk

What is
Condom Tricks Advanced

Your C-Card

The Your C-Card Scheme gives FREE condoms and lube to young people in Norfolk and Waveney aged 13-24. You can access the service whether you're male or female, no matter what your sexual orientation is. It doesn't matter whether you're having sex, thinking about having sex, or if you're just curious.

The ‘find venue’ tab will help you find C-Card Points near you. If you need to get a C-Card you'll need to visit a Registration Point first. You can search for Registration Points only on the find venue tab.

How do I get C-Card condoms?


  • Sign up at any C-Card Registration Point
  • You will discuss some sexual health issues with a C-Card Worker in private
  • You give your date of birth and part of your postcode, (We will never contact you using this information.) we give you a C-Card and selection pack of condoms.
  • Whenever you want condoms, visit any C-Card Issue Point or Registration Point
  • Show your C-Card and indicate which types of condoms and lube you want, by name, colour or number. You can choose a mixture of 12 items.
  • Your C-Card is marked every time you use it
  • Use your card 6 times if 16 or over, 3 times if aged 13 to 15. After this, return to any C-Card Registration Point to for a chat and to get your card renewed.
  • When you visit the C-Card Point - be sure to check out if they offer any other sexual health services.


12 condoms / lube of your choice are given out in each C-Card pack, along with information about the C-Card scheme, and instructions on how to use a condom effectively.

Ask for the condoms you want by the name, number or colour, as in the table below.

Should you need dams or female condoms please ask for them at your C-Card Point as they may have them available.

Under 13 or over 24?

If you're under 13 or over 24 you can't register with the C-Card scheme. But If you need help and advice around sexual health you can still visit your local GP surgery or iCaSH clinic. 

Ribs & dots

Number: 4
Type: textured regulars
Colour: grey


Number: 2
Type: regular
Colour: yellow


Number: 3
Type: slightly wider
Colour: brown


Number: 6
Type: thicker regulars
Colour: white


Number: 5
Type: tasty regulars
Colour: green


Number: 1
Type: tight fit
Colour: red


Number: 8
Type: waterbased lube
Colour: blue


Number: 7
Type: non-latex
Colour: orange